What Causes Hair Breakage & Split Ends

Posted on Jun 21st, 2018

Having a lack of moisture in your hair in the midst of a dry and cold winter season is essentially inevitable. Let’s discuss how to prevent hair breakage and spot some common reasons why hair breakage occurs. 1. Brushing Did you know what you choose to brush your hair with and the way you brush…

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Handling Frizzy Hair

Posted on Mar 21st, 2018

Nearly each one of us has had to deal with those days when our hair is not on our side and just decides to go its own way. Celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend explains, “Your hair loses moisture throughout the day, so midday, the cuticle [the outermost layer on your strands] opens up and lets…

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Should Hair Be Washed Before Dying

Posted on Sep 18th, 2017

We try to do everything to achieve the best results when planning on colouring hair at home, from buying the right hair-colouring accessories to picking up some colour-care shampoo and conditioner. However, one thing is confusing for most of us: Should I wash my hair before colouring? Keep reading to know the answer. Permanent Hair…

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How to make your hair smoothening treatment last longer

Posted on Sep 6th, 2017

Managing curly, frizzy hair is a nightmare for most of us. But thanks to hair smoothening and straightening treatments, one can simply walk out of a salon with silky smooth tresses. These treatments will make your hair more manageable but need some extra care to keep your mane healthy post these harsh chemical treatments. Right…

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Balayage, Ombre And Sombre Hair Color

Posted on May 29th, 2017

Hair trends keep changing every now and then. Today, we will be discussing all the details about 3 of the hottest hair color trends in 2017: Balayage, Ombre and Sombre. Many do not know the difference between these three hair coloring techniques. These are the most requested looks in salons today. All three give you…

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Which Hair Extension Method Is Right For You?

Posted on Apr 27th, 2017

There are a tonne of different kinds of extensions and not all of them will work with every hair type. These kinds include: WEAVES CLIP-IN EXTENSIONS RED HAIR HAIR EXTENSIONS TAPE EXTENSIONS HAIR SEWING FAKE HAIR FALLS MICRO BEAD EXTENSIONS Getting longer and thicker hair is every girl’s dream. But with such a huge amount…

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An Ultimate Guide To Your Hair Salon Hunt

Posted on Mar 30th, 2017

Your hair is the most noticeable part of your personality. No matter how good you are dressed, a bad hair day can ruin the entire look. The undeniable fact is that your hair has to be healthy in order to carry a good hairstyle, cut or color. With an increasing number of people “thankfully” becoming…

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How To Select A Haircut According To The Face Shape

Posted on Jan 22nd, 2017

The perfect haircut is more than just a little trim! Before booking a Haircut appointment, determine your face shape so you will know exactly what to ask for. You can, of course, ask the experts at Imagination Hair Castle Hill for more hands-on advice. But, if you want to have a basic idea of what…

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Wedding Hair Tips for the Wedding Day

Posted on Nov 8th, 2016

Like the dress, the hair has to be perfect; and as with any style there are dos and don’ts. For all to-be-brides, the following wedding hair tips are essential for that perfect look. Don’t wait until the day of the wedding Planning ahead will save a lot of possible wedding day heartache. If you plan…

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