Amino Acid Straightening

    Desperately need to reduce some frizz, reduce drying time and stay smooth in humid and rainy weather? Well if you are looking to have silky smooth hair, we offer an amino acid straightening treatment that will tame those curls and/or frizz in no time. Amino acid straightening uses amino acids to straighten hair naturally without the need for harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or sodium hydroxide. The amino acids penetrate the hair strands and straighten by transforming the internal textural memory of the hair fibre. It is a natural technique and is much safer than other alternatives, such as Keratin Hair Treatments. The result? Straight, healthy and vibrant hair that will guarantee to turn some heads.

    Amino acid straightening takes 3-4 hours to perform and will give you amazingly smooth hair for the next 3 or even 4 months to come. It can be used on all types of hair and can be applied on previously straightened hair, coloured or discoloured hair, and hair that has been treated with other chemicals. For coloured hair, we recommend Recolouring on the same day or within the week as to make your hair as fabulous as possible. It is also safe to use on children over 12 and pregnant women due to the fact that it is a natural treatment and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

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    Amino Acid Straightening Castle Hill



    Natural Ingredients

    Alternative treatments such as keratin hair treatments may contain formaldehyde, which is a harmful chemical that is needed to preserve the keratin treatment in the hair. This is known to cause issues and should be avoided if possible, especially for children and pregnant women. In the Keratin treatment brands where all harsh chemicals have been removed, we have found these to be a waste of your time and money as they do nothing much at all. However, with amino acid straightening, the process is completely free of these toxic chemicals, making it safe to apply. As such, you can enjoy your newly straightened hair without worrying about any unwanted or even harmful effects down the line.

    Quick and Simple

    Amino acid straightening treatments are much less demanding than other alternatives. Firstly, amino acid straightening enables you to shampoo your hair within the same day. You do not need to wait 3 or 4 days to shampoo and style your hair, which will be very useful if you have an upcoming event to attend. It can also be applied on coloured or discoloured hair, as well as hair treated with other chemicals. The same can’t be said by other methods, which are often rendered incompatible for one reason or another.

    Fantastic Results

    Because amino acid straightening is a 100% natural process, your hair will be more nourished and hydrated, on top of being 100% frizz and knot free. It gives your hair a natural look and does not leave your hair greasy. You will be able to enjoy your silky straight hair for months to come, and once it wears out you can visit us again to have it reapplied.

    WHY US

    We at Imagination love what we do. We first started the company in 1986 with the idea to build a cool, unique, fashion-forward hair salon, and that still remains our primary goal and motivation. We are a team with years of experience, driven and inspired by a passion for design, culture and fashion. We value the happiness of our clients, as we transform your hair to a new and smooth style. And in doing so, we build your confidence and self-esteem. We love your hair!

    So why wait? If you’re in need to have your hair managed or to try a new look, contact us today! Just call us at 02 9680 3508 or message us via our online form and we’ll get to you right away!

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