Are Organic Hair Colours Safe For Use During Pregnancy?

    Posted on Mar 18th, 2020

    A common concern for moms-to-be are the chemicals present in hair, makeup and skincare products. When you’re pregnant, you want to do your best to ensure your unborn baby is safe and avoid using any strong or harmful chemicals. Most pregnant women look for chemical-free alternatives. Many of our clients ask us about Organic Hair Colours and whether they’re safe to be used during pregnancy. So, we’ve put together this guide to clear all your doubts on the topic.

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    Are Organic Hair Colours A Safe Choice for Pregnant Women?

    Yes, Organic Hair Colours are a safer option for pregnant women (and everyone in general). This is because they are completely free of harmful chemicals such as resorcinol, Para Phenylendiamine and parabens. They are much gentler on your hair and scalp than chemical hair dyes.

    Do Organic Hair Colours Offer Good Coverage and Performance for Grey Hair?

    Organic Hair Colours have come a long way. Organic hair colours are a much better alternative to chemical hair dyes. They provide excellent grey coverage and vibrant colour. The best part about using an organic hair colour is that it does not lead to any other issues common with chemical hair colour usages such as tingling or stinging sensations, brittle and dry hair, scalp damage and other problems.

    Organic hair colours last as much as 2 times longer than regular hair colours. The use of natural ingredients infuses protein and nutrients to the hair, giving it a nice shine and strengthening the hair, making it strong and healthy.

    But What About the Shade Range? Are Organic Hair Colours Available in A Wide Variety of Colours?

    You don’t have to worry about finding the right colour for you. Organic Hair Colours are now available in a myriad of colours. So, finding the right colour that matches your skin tone is now easier than ever!

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