Handling Frizzy Hair

    Posted on Mar 21st, 2018

    Nearly each one of us has had to deal with those days when our hair is not on our side and just decides to go its own way. Celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend explains, “Your hair loses moisture throughout the day, so midday, the cuticle [the outermost layer on your strands] opens up and lets the outside air in, creating a frizzy mess.”

    But how to handle those days? Here are some of the most favourite tips and tricks that most hairstylists agree upon in the battle against frizz.

    1. Stay sulphate-FREE

    Purchasing shampoos that are free of sulphate and high on glycerine should be a top priority if you wish to have frizz-free hair days. Glycerine hydrates hair and also creates a protective layer on the strands which helps retain moisture and hence, keeps the frizz at bay.

    2. Condition regularly

    Fighting frizz is all about keeping your hair moisturised enough so that the cuticle doesn’t feel the need to open up and look for moisture. Conditioning the hair keeps them content and in place. In fact, instead of washing your hair with shampoo every day and exhausting them of their natural oils, use conditioners twice a week. Not only will it help keep your hair moisturised but also delicately cleanse your hair.

    3. Have special days for your hair

    Just like we spend a day or two in a week to give our skin special treatments, our hair needs special care days too. On these care days, use products like hydrating masks. This is especially important in winter months because the hair tends to get drier since less oils are secreted. Silk proteins strengthen and vegetal ceramides smooth out the hair.

    Handling Frizzy Hair

    4. Heat exposure

    Blow drying your hair when they are very wet strips them of moisture and causes a lot of frizz. In the less humid climate, this is especially problematic. So it is important to let the hair dry up a little before you expose them to the hot air. Use heat resistant products when using curling irons or straighteners to protect your hair from heat damage which also contributes to frizz.

    5. Brushing helps

    When you make brushing your hair a regular habit, the natural oils of your hair get distributed from the roots to the tip which helps keep the frizz out.

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