How to make your hair smoothening treatment last longer

    Posted on Sep 6th, 2017

    Managing curly, frizzy hair is a nightmare for most of us. But thanks to hair smoothening and straightening treatments, one can simply walk out of a salon with silky smooth tresses. These treatments will make your hair more manageable but need some extra care to keep your mane healthy post these harsh chemical treatments.

    Make Your Hair Smoothening Treatment Last Longer

    Right after you are done with the hair smoothening treatment you need to do the following for the first 3 days:

    • Do not wash or wet your hair.
    • Do not tie or braid your hair in any way or tuck them behind your ears.
    • Keep your hair straight while sleeping – yes, it’s a nightmare but this is critically important especially for the first night!

    After 3 days, follow the procedure below to maintain the shiny and smooth tresses for longer!

    • Wash your hair with sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner and try to leave the conditioner a little longer than usual.
    • Avoid washing your hair with hot water at all times so moisture is not stripped from your hair.
    • Use a wide toothed hair comb to detangle hair.
    • Use a hair serum to create a barrier between your hair and outside damage.
    • Apply a leave-in conditioner to retain the moisture.
    • Use hair masks frequently or visit hair salon in Castle Hill for hair protein treatments to add vitamins to your hair and replenish the lost nutrients.

    What else, hmm… Products that you apply on your hair isn’t the only factor that matters. Make sure you incorporate the tips below in your routine to ensure your hair remains in top condition, regardless of it being straight or curly:

    • Have a nutritious diet full of dry fruits, vegetables and fruits.
    • Trim your hair on a regular basis to make sure there are no split ends.
    • Avoid extensive heat styling.
    • No coloring and highlighting for the next 6 months, at least!
    • Keep your hair protected from harsh sun rays, cold winds and rains.
    • Apply an anti-frizz serum or spray to moisturize dry hair and prevent your hair from getting knotted.
    • Try to tie your hair as less as possible because using ponytails or hairpins can leave a corrugated mark that is difficult to straighten back.
    • Avoid shampooing every day. If your hair gets greasy, use a dry shampoo instead or simply use a conditioner as a shampoo and rinse it away with cold water.

    You can’t have healthy hair without taking care of it especially after a chemical treatment because that is the time your hair is most sensitive. For longer-lasting strength, shine and bounce incorporate our intensive hair care routine in your lifestyle.

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