Important Information to Share with Your Hairstylist Before Any Hair Colour Service

Posted on Jul 10th, 2018


It is important that you provide the right information about your hair to your hairstylist when you are going for a hair colour change. This will help the hairstylist pick the right chemicals and hair dye for you so you can enjoy a long-lasting hair colour.

Following is a list of must-share information to your hairstylist before a hair colour service:

Your Hair History

When you Book an Appointment in a Hair Salon in Sydney, the most important step is to share your hair history during the consultation. This will help your hairstylist determine if a chemical hair dye should be used or an organic hair colour will do best on the health of your hair.

The following is a list of information that your hair stylist needs to know:

1. Do you currently have colour in your hair?

2. When was your last colour service?

3. Did you have your colour done at a salon? Be honest.

4. Was the dye permanent, demi-permanent or semi-permanent?

5. Did you colour your hair at home?

6. Do you shower using well water?

7. Have you had any other chemical services?

8. What kind of products are you currently using?

9. What types of tools do you use?

10. If you have any allergies?

Important Things to Share your Hairstylist Before Hair Colour Service

Some people have allergies from certain ingredients in chemical hair dyes. That is why we suggest that you look for an organic hair colour salon in Sydney. Organic hair colour is a safe option even if you are not sure if you have any allergies. Imagination Hair Salon in Sydney is an expert and experienced space offering Safe Chemical Free Hair Colour and Treatment Services to give you the results that you have been dreaming forever.

Contact Your Organic Hair Colour Salon in Sydney

Imagination Hair Salon in Sydney is here to help keep your hair strong, healthy, and beautiful. We strongly encourage to bring photos to share the colour you want with our hairstylist during the consultation. Our hair colour artists are experienced and excited to work with you. We have a wide range of organic hair dyes for you to choose from.

At Imagination Hair Salon you can have the colour that you always wanted to without damaging your hair. Contact us today at 9680 3508 to schedule an appointment with one of our amazing hairstylists!

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