Wedding Hair Tips for the Wedding Day

    Posted on Nov 8th, 2016

    Like the dress, the hair has to be perfect; and as with any style there are dos and don’ts. For all to-be-brides, the following wedding hair tips are essential for that perfect look.

    Don’t wait until the day of the wedding

    Planning ahead will save a lot of possible wedding day heartache. If you plan to colour, perm or treat your hair, you should have it done at least one month before the wedding date. This will allow plenty of time to fix the look if disaster strikes, just as it will soften the style as the wedding day approaches.

    Wedding Hair Tips

    Think comfort

    Yes, your wedding day needs to be perfect, but don’t overdo it. Perfect also means comfortable. Having that killer updo could mean killer discomfort by the end of the day just as having your hair pulled too tight, which is sure to lead to a headache. Think style and remember comfort.

    Neat and Stylish

    Trim up uneven ends a few weeks before the wedding date for a gorgeous natural look on the wedding day.

    Don’t Settle

    There are many great stylists out there, and like Imagination Hair, most offer consultations. Plan to consult more than one stylist to find the best stylist for your wedding day even if you have a regular stylist. The wedding day style is much different than an everyday cut, and colour and perfection is a must! If you are planning to fix your hair yourself the day of the wedding, don’t forget to have your best friend next to your side that will offer an honest opinion.

    Not settling, not going over the top, and not overly complicated are some of the best dos that help a bride to feel beautiful and at ease on her wedding day. Other tips include:
    Have a hair trial- hair trials will allow you time to try different hairstyles. Bring your hair accessories and camera and experiment with different styles ahead of time.
    Communicate – let your Hair Dresser know the style of your wedding dress and wedding and bring a picture of your gown. Ask for suggestions and let him or her know what you think would be nice. Keep an open mind.
    Camera – bring a friend with you to your hair trial and have them take photos from all angles.
    Clothing – on the day of the styling, be sure to wear button front attire that allows your hair to stay in one piece when changing into your gown.

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