What is Amino Acid Straightening?

Posted on Dec 10th, 2018

Amino acid straightening is a basic one-step hair smoothing system that is safer as compared to harsh keratin treatments. The best part of amino acid straightening is that it does not require the use of formaldehyde to smooth out your hair. The active ingredient in the process is Cysteine Amino Acids.

Why opt for Amino Acid Straightening?

We all know chemicals or anything with a high pH level is bad for our hair. Amino acid straightening has a really low pH of 1.5 which makes it mildly acidic like lemon juice. Therefore, just like lemon juice does no harm to your hair, amino acid straightening system does not pose any harm to the hair as well unlike harsh chemical relaxers and permanent hair colours. Amino acid straightening also does not break disulfide bonds; therefore the effect is temporary, lasting for 6-8 weeks only. The amino acid treatment will wear off over the time period. This allows our clients to switch between straight and natural styles easily.

What is the process of Amino Acid Straightening?

The process of Amino Acid Straightening is simple! No need to wash hair multiple times and make multiple passes over the hair with the flat iron or blow dries. We will only cleanse your hair first and then apply the smoothing foam and flat iron with just one pass. The building blocks of hair i.e. the amino acids penetrate deep within the hair strand to restore, replenish, and strengthen the hair.

You can achieve hair that is much more manageable even during the summer hot humid months! Just wash your hair and you are good to go without the need of blow drying every morning before work.

Amino acid straightening

Are there any hairstyle limitations with Amino Acid Straightening?

The amino acid treatment can be a good option for you whether you wear your hair in a sleek style or natural style. Some clients like having semi-looser curls, so amino acid smoothing system is used to make their curls more defined. If someone wishes to keep hair frizz free and sleek during hot, humid days, they can choose amino acid treatment to achieve straighter and sleeker hair without any harsh chemicals.

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At Imagination Hair Salon we prefer amino acid straightening because it is a basic One-Step Smoothing System that our clients adore. Call us at 9680 3508 to book your appointment with our Hairdresser in Castle Hill.

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