What Is Cysteine Hair Treatment? How to Take Care of Hair AFTER Cysteine Hair Treatment?

Posted on Nov 19th, 2018

Cysteine is a naturally occurring protein found in egg yolk, red peppers, garlic, onion, yoghurt, wheat germ, oats, broccoli and brussels sprouts.
What cysteine does to hair is it straightens it.
If straight hair is what you’re after – then Cysteine will soon be a bigger role model of yours than Kim Kardashian will be.

Imagination transforms all things – including hair

Imagination is a hair salon located in Castle Hill in Sydney, New South Wales. We don’t straighten out the girls, we straighten out the curls, using hairdressing techniques we’ve perfected over the years.
Naturally occurring amino acids are our friends – not synthetic products with harmful chemicals in them, like formaldehyde or sodium hydroxide. Natural acids are found in foods like egg yolk, wheat germ and oats and transform, among other things, the internal texture and memory of hair.

A safe treatment that will turn heads

At Imagination Hair Dressing Salon Castle Hill, we never forget what our goal is – to make you look fabulous. And we make sure we pull our finger out to do that by using natural treatments that your hair, and skin, will love – and gravitate to automatically.
Natural hair treatments like cysteine hair treatments typically take 3-4 hours to perform. Now you can get Straight Hair without damaging your hair with nasty chemicals!

Cysteine Hair Treatment

You are alive when your hair is

Natural treatments return your natural beauty to you. After we apply a cysteine treatment to your hair, we seal it in using flat irons and other devices. With your beauty locked in, you can return to the world and start to take it over – again!

Chemicals are out – as is frizz

Straight hair never goes out of fashion. And now you can have it – with Natural Protein Treatments that involve the use of Cysteine or amino acid-based products.

Hair can be hell-ness or wellness

When it’s manageable it’s wellness, when it’s unmanageable it’s hell-ness. At Imagination, we are committed to helping you achieve Beautiful Straight Hair – naturally. So, when it comes to hair wellness, Imagination is the way to go.

We’ll Treat Your Hair Right

Hair needs to be treated right for it to look and feel good. Constant use of chemicals can strip the hair strands of their natural shine, making them dry and limp. Our Cysteine hair treatment will straighten your hair without stripping it. Straight hair doesn’t have to mean damaged hair. We’re the hair experts who will treat your hair right.
To learn more about Natural Hair Treatments we offer, please call us on (02)9680 3508.

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