What does it take to be the best hairdresser in Castle Hill?

Posted on Jan 15th, 2019

Hard work. Effort. A focus on your clients – and not just their hair, surprising as it may seem to many. At imagination Hair Salon, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing customers with the best of everything – products, services and prices. And that determination and dedication are what has helped us become the best salon in Castle Hill.

At Imagination Hair, we don’t just cut hair – we style it

If a passion for fashion is what you have, then we need to talk. As the best salon in Castle Hill, we give our clients that look, that cut that helps them get that all important first job, promotion, pay rise – and step out in style!

Your hair says more about you than your handbag does

So, at Imagination Hair Salon Castle Hill, we’re always careful with the way we treat it. Always with botanicals that are organic in nature – harvested from it, in fact.

There are things other hairdressers will give you that we won’t

Harsh chemicals, for instance. We don’t trade in them as we don’t believe they can make your hair as gentle as you’d like it to be.
Harsh chemicals kill the billions of beneficial micro-biomes that stick to your hair – gently softening and caressing it while you work – or alternatively, play.

Best Hair Dresser in Newcastle

Lighten up, you can straighten up

Curls are pearls but sometimes you want to know what straight hair feels like. Just walk into our salon and we’ll show you, no sweat. In just four hours, we can take the ‘stiffest of hair’, soften and shine it.

And all with gentle products like Amino Acids which your hair secretes naturally. Our Cysteine Hair treatment is safe for colour treated, previously straightened or virgin hair. It will help control frizz and make your hair smooth and shiny. The effects last for up to 3, or even 4, months!

Be Maudest when it comes to hair

We only the world’s finest products. These include brands like Ms Maude, for example. Ms Maude uses Australian Botanicals infused with anti-ageing oxidants and essential oils. No chemicals and no artificial colours or fragrances that could damage the delicate tissue your hair is made of.

We use Organic Hair Product – Animals belong in Zoos or the wild – not testing laboratories

At Imagination Hair Salon Castle Hill, we use brands whose ethos reflect our own. Brands like Keune, for example. Based in Amsterdam, Keune is a brand that has been around since 1922. Keune has a policy of NO ANIMAL: TESTING. Every product, shampoo and conditioner is made to the highest human and ethical standards possible.

Is it time for your hair to rise and shine?

We think so. Turn the heads you’ve always wanted to with our hair care, hair colour and hair styling options. Affordable and well-priced, we are open on weekends too! To get more information about our Cysteine Hair Treatment or to book an appointment, please call us on 9680 3508

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