What shampoos harm besides your hair ?

Posted on Jun 17th, 2019

The whole world is going natural. And for a reason.

Ordinary shampoos have a lot of stuff like ‘parabens’ and ‘sulphates’ (basically bug spray) in them that we don’t need. And that neither does the Environment.

If your hair is falling, could a Natural Hair Salon be the answer to your hair woes?

Hair falls when we put chemicals into our scalp.

If this is a problem for you, then may we suggest you come into our Salon to talk to one of our Natural Hair Care Consultants?

Imagination is a Natural Hair Salon based in Castle Hill

A female owned and run business, we take the hair as seriously as we take our handbags.

We say no to chemicals because we know what they can disrupt – our balance.

Now Women Believe in Natural Hair Care Treatments

Every day, more and more women are saying “No” to shampoos and hair care treatments that use sulphates and phthalates.

What these products damage besides your hair is also the fragile life whose ecosystem we share.

Any shampoo or condition we put into our hair ends up in our drains.

It poisons our waterways. Our natural aquatic life. And the healthy lifestyles we have enjoyed for centuries before chemicals entered our waterways, and through them, our lives.

What Shampoos Harm Besides Your Hair?

Imagination Natural Hair Salon Castle Hill had to dare to care

A small business that’s been established for close to 30 years now, we’ve seen many changes in Natural Hair Care and Hair Styling. The biggest change has been in the type of products Hair Care Salons use on their clients’ hair.

All the Top Haircare Salons have moved from using Synthetic Hair Care Products to using completely Natural Haircare Products sensing the greater calm, peace and well-being that comes from doing so.

Extend your Hair and Your Self through the process

Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend- Natural Hair Extensions are.

Out of Africa, Natural Hair Extensions never go out of style in Sydney.

If you want to make an impact, then Natural Hair Extensions are the way to do it.

Our Hair may be more Human than we are

Hair is revered in the East as it is considered a sacred part of One’s Being.

That’s why, at Imagination Castle Hill, we don’t cut hair – we style it!

To bring out the Natural, Bubbly, Vivacious personality you that lurks inside.

Why settle for a new hairstyle when you can get a new Lifestyle?

At Imagination Natural Hair Salon, we don’t give our clients hairstyles, we give them Lifestyles!

Lifestyles that match their hopes, dreams and aspirations – making them the Magic Carpet that takes them to the places they wanna go!

To book to see one of our Natural Haircare Consultants, please call now on 9680 3508.

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