What your hair says about you

Posted on May 8th, 2019

Hair is as much a part of a woman’s personality as a woman’s sense of humour is. When a woman’s hair is in order, so is her life.

Few get this better than we do at Imagination Hairdressers, Castle Hill. One of Sydney’s Top Hairdressers, we take the hair as seriously as women take their wedding day!

What Your Hair Says About You

What red means you are – fun!

Red is passion and passion is fun! If you’re a redhead, fun is as important to you as a latte and Acai Bowl is, first thing in the morning.

Redheads are bright heads, not light heads. They know what they want and they waste no time, getting it!

Curly is early

Women with curly hair are full of passion, love dynamism, and joie de vivre. The life of the party, welcome everywhere, curls are pearls – everyone would like to hug and have – if only they could.

Innovative and creative

That’s what you are when you have shocks of wavy hair that are thick, beautiful and lustrous. Make waves in more than just the ocean. Show your will and the emotional depths you can reach.

Strong, self-willed and expressive – women with thick, wavy hair are commanding with their presence – which almost never goes unnoticed.

Thick hair and thick eyebrows – what do the two have in common?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Thick hair and eyebrows indicate you are a woman of substance – someone who sees the light before others do.

Full of energy and poise – you don’t need instructions because you’re the one giving them!

Good thinkers who value logic tend to have a wash and go style

Inpatient and easily frustrated, you see so much more in things than others do. Styling your hair has never been as important as wearing it. Earth colours suit your grounded nature – best!

Hair makes a statement – is it one you’re going to regret?

It all comes down to who you trust to cut your hair and style it.

You never take chances with two things – your hair and your career. Both define your identity – even seal it, in a way.

When choosing a hair stylist, go for one who’s experienced and whose seen it all

A stylist likes Imagination Hairdressers, Castle Hill.

Easily, the most established hair styling salon in Sydney’s Northwest, Imagination Hairdressers, Castle Hill, has been Colouring, Styling and Cutting women’s hair for thirty years.

With a commitment to organic, natural hair products, we will never damage your hair or its delicate nerve endings. Instead, we will give your hair what only Imagination can – personality, style and flair to go with it

To speak to one of our Hair Consultants, to book yourself in for an appointment, or to enquire about our prices – please call us now on 9680 3508

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