Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment Castle Hill


    Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a transformational, long lasting and Safe Salon treatment. Cezanne brings hair to its ideal, most beautiful condition without using dangerous chemicals.

    The revolutionary new Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment will soften and tame your hair, making it easier for you to control and style. Your blow dry time will be cut in half.

    Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment Castle Hill



    How long will my treatment last?

    Around 3 to 5 months. Longevity is assured if you use the correct Cezanne home care range.

    Will my hair be permanently straight?

    No, your hair will be softer and more relaxed. You will still have curl with reduced frizz and flyaways.

    Will I still be able to get movement, texture and bounce in my hair?

    Yes, you will still have natural volume and be able to blow dry volume and curl into your hair

    Is it a pleasant salon experience?

    Yes, there is no smoke or unpleasant odour and the treatment should be complete in under two hours. You may notice a slight residual colour in your hair after the service, but this will disappear after a few washes.

    Does Cezanne have any harmful chemicals in it?

    No, there are no harmful chemicals in Cezanne. It is 100% free of Formaldehyde.

    Can I have the treatment done if pregnant?

    Whilst there are no harmful chemicals in Cezanne, you should consult with your doctor first if you have any concerns.

    Will it change my colour?

    As with all smoothing treatments, there may be a slight shift in colour. The beauty of Cezanne is that if you need to, you can have your colour done straight away.

    Do I have to wait to shampoo my hair?

    No, you can shampoo or Colour your Hair immediately after your treatment.

    Can I put my hair into a pony tail straight away?

    Yes, there are no restrictions. You can put your hair into a pony tail or pin it up straight away.

    How long will I be in the salon?

    The treatment will take between 90 minutes to 2 hours. It is a simple application.

    Can I keep on having these treatments?

    Yes, they have a cumulative effect, so your hair just gets better and better.

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