Hair Cutting & Styling

    IMAGINATION is ahead of the rest with the latest styles and techniques. Whether it is a classic or trending style or something avant-garde, we will make sure you love your new hair.  Our aim is to make you look your best and feel your best, and give you the self-confidence to confront the challenges of everyday life.  Cutting and styling properly can make a world of difference both in how others perceive you, but also how  you perceive yourself.

    As you enter our doors, know that everything is about you.  We will make sure that you relax and walk out our doors feeling totally rejuvinated.  We at Imagination look not only to provide professional cutting and styling, but an experience that will remembered for a long time to come.  We believe that our exceptional service, highly qualified stylists and attention to detail will provide the ultimate hair care experience.

    Our intent is to not simply  make you look good as you walk out our doors, but also for the weeks to come.  Our cutting and styling methods are inspired by precision cutting techniques that not only make your hair easier to manage, but also maintain its shape and appearance until your next visit.  Our cutting and styling techniques are second to none and you won’t find this level of attention to detail at any other salon.  We have nurtured a reputation for achieving professional results, just have a look at our Previous work!

    Cutting And Styling

    We offer full style advice, taking into account face shape, lifestyle, and hair growth pattern.  We believe that our high end cutting and styling should produce a style that is easy for you to reproduce and easy to maintain at home.  Your hair can look amazing immediately after your cut, but there’s no point if it’s too difficult to reproduce by yourself at home.  As such, we use our creativity as stylists to make sure that gives you a simple enough foundation to do it on your own.

    Don’t forget, real beauty is timeless and is not defined solely by how you look, but also includes how you feel inside.  Our goal is to keep who you are in mind, whilst transforming how you look physically with our cutting and styling techniques.  We recognise that each and every one of us has our own individuality, and our own perception of what we believe is perfection.  Because of this, we make it our duty to pay close attention to what you really want and desire.  After all, it is your hair, and you alone should feel great about it.  Only when you are happy, is when we are happy, and we promise that we will do our best until you are.  Know that our greatest reward is making a difference in people’s lives and helping them feel beautiful both inwardly and outwardly.

    WHY US

    We at Imagination love what we do.  We first started the company in 1986 with the idea to build a cool, unique, fashion forward hair salon, and that still remains our primary goal and motivation.  We are a team with years of experience, driven and inspired by a passion for design, culture and fashion.  We value the happiness and delight of our clients, as we transform their hair to a new and fabulous style.  And in doing so, we build their confidence as they walk about with their new look.  We love hair.  And we guarantee that after we’re done, you will love your hair too.

    So why wait?  If you’re in need to get your hair managed or to try a new look,  visit our Castle Hill location!  Just call us at 02 9680 3508 or Message us Via our Online Form to book an appointment or consultation, and we’ll get to you right away!

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