Hair Extensions

    Maintaining beautiful, long, healthy, and thick hair is not an easy feat to achieve. If you are looking to get a new style that needs more thickness or length, you are looking at a months long wait of taking care of your hair to reach to that point. By the time you do achieve your desired length or volume, there is a high probability you no longer would want that style. Such hair dilemmas we are stuck in forever…

    Not forever as here comes the easy and reliable solution. While hair can naturally grow at only a limited speed, you can always get some beautiful hair extensions to get the desired look and length. Made of highest quality of human hair, they will look and more importantly, feel like your own hair. Dip them, dye them, curl them, or straighten them, they will act similar to your very own hair. Imagination Hair Salon Castle Hill has always promoted the use of hair extensions to our valued clients who want to get their favorite looks but can’t wait for months on end.

    If you have always thought of getting hair extensions but were afraid to get a tangled mess in return, visit Imagination Hair Salon in Baulkham Hills and experience getting hair extensions at the region’s leading hair salon. Unlike others, we won’t just start the procedures as soon as you step in. When you take an appointment, our experts take a closer look at your hair and talk to you about your hair goals. We then recommend you what type of hair extensions are best suited to your requirements.

    Hair Extensions at Leading Hair Salon Castle Hill

    Yes, there indeed are many types of hair extensions ranging from one-time styling usage to more permanent solutions. Following are some of the types of hair extensions:

    Temporary Clip-in: clip-in hair extensions are suitable for occasional or one-time use. As these are easier to fix and detach, you can handle these yourself at your own home and attach them to your hair without any help. Highest quality human hair helps you style these temporary clip-in hair extensions the same way you style your own hair.

    Taped extensions: next are the taped extensions which add volume and length to your hair. These are the most popular and most affordable extensions as they can last for over 6 to 8 weeks after which they are reapplied saving you money and time.

    Premium bonding: finally, for our beautiful clients in Dural, Castle Hill, you can also get premium bonding hair extensions if you are looking for semi-permanent solution. These hair extensions last up to 3 to 5 months.

    To learn more, visit our website or call us at 02 9680 3508. Come soon and let Imagination give you some beautiful and healthy new locks.

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