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Imagination Hair is leading hairdressing salon bringing fashion forward cuts and styles in your life. We understand the busy routine of our clients in the fashionable suburb of Kenthurst and thus provide healthy and natural alternatives to chemical-based hair solutions.

Imagination hair offers a variety of services including human hair extensions, cuts and styles and much more. Read on more to find out more about our services and don’t forget to book yourself a trip to the luxurious and pampering world of IMAGINATION.

Amino Acid Straightening: is the frizz driving your hair crazy? Having smooth and shiny hair in humid and rainy weather was never so easy before. At Imagination Hair, we offer Amino Acid Straightening services that helps you tame those curls and frizz in no time. Amino acid molecules penetrate your hair strands and straighten them from the very core of hair fibre.

Much safer and a natural technique, you would never need to go back to Keratin again. Book an appointment today to get healthy, frizz-free and vibrant hair.

Kenthurst Hair Studio

Organic Hair Colours: organic hair colours are natural alternative to standard colouring products. Being healthier and eco-friendly option, organic hair colours are far more gentle on your scalp and hair than their chemical cousins. Are you thinking if by being gentle we mean they don’t give good coverage? Well, organic hair colours are tested for fantastic results and vibrant hair looks so you needn’t worry about that.

Completely FREE of phenylendiamine [PPD], resorcinol and parabens, you won’t be hurting your hair with nasty chemicals. Let us help you minimize hair damage with organic hair colours while still giving you quality colour coverage. Choose whatever shade you like and we will transform your look.

Cutting and Styling: Imagination Hair believes in introducing trendy, unique and chic cuts and styles in the lives of our valued clients. Don’t hesitate in communicating with us about your own style statement; don’t worry about “wasting our time” as when you enter the doors of Imagination, it’s all about you! We will try to pamper you with our luxurious and relaxing services making sure that you don’t leave without a happy smile on your face.

Book an appointment today and consult with our specialist stylists who live their life with one motivation and that is to bring beautiful makeovers in your life that would make you fall in love with yourself. There’s no harm in a little narcissism, or so our stylists believe.

Call us at 9680 3508 or Contact Us using the online contact form. Take the right step today toward a fresher and new look tomorrow.

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