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    At Imagination Hair, you can find an array of products that are specifically designed to make your blonde hair look fabulous. However, if you want to enhance your hair colour, then CPR toner spray products will be your saving grace. Thanks to their colour-enhancing properties, your hair will look like you’ve just stepped out of a hair salon every single day.

    CPR Blonde Toner

    CPR Instant toners are like makeup for your hair. They are designed to instantly tone and enhance blonde hair, making your locks look stunning. On top of that, toners are easily rinsed out without adding weight to your hair. So keep your colour looking fresh or completely change it with CPR blonde toner.

    A CPR toner spray comes in Serious Pink, Serious Teal and Serious Blonde variant. Each of the products will offer unique properties and prevent unwanted tones on your blonde hair. CPR Instant Toner Pink temporarily adds pink reflects blonde, lightened, or grey hair. It will shampoo out quickly, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted pink hues in your hair after washing. The toner is formulated for 230°C heat and features UV protection as well. With a CPR toner, your hair will become stronger, more conditioned, and less prone to tangling.

    With Serious Teal Toner, you’ll keep your colour looking fresh while temporarily adding blue/green reflects blonde or lightened hair. That way, you’ll get incredible teal results for a stunning and unique hairstyle. Like every other CPR hair toner, Serious Teal is formulated for 230°C heat and features UV protection.

    If you want to add cooling hues to your blonde hair, then order CPR Serious Blonde toner from Imagination Hair. The toner will offer instant cooling hues, which will flawlessly refresh blonde, lightened or grey hair. Then, shampoo it out easily and achieve fabulous locks that you’ve always wanted.

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