Sustainable Salon

    We are part of the Sustainable Salons Australia and New Zealand network.

    Also, our commitment to caring for the environment incorporates sustainable purchasing, and we use, and stock brands of exceptional quality and have an environmentally friendly solid ethos. We are one of the hundreds of sustainable salons Australia wide that puts sustainability first and wants to make our planet a better and healthier place to live in.

    Just by saving valuable materials from landfills, The Sustainable Salons network of hairdressing, Australia and New Zealand helps feed the hungry, protect the planet, and grow local communities. So if you’re looking for a sustainable salon in your area, Imagination Hair is the best choice. We care about your hair and the planet too.

    We have particular bins installed in the salon where we dispose of reusable and recyclable materials. Everything from colours and developers to other chemicals is thrown in particular bins and disposed of properly, so it doesn’t pollute waterways. Imagination Hair is a sustainable hair salon that also collects hair clippings and donates hair to charities that make wigs if they’re long enough or organisations that use hair to soak up oil spills in the ocean. All metal is collected and recycled, too, from the foil used to colour and lighten your hair to hairspray containers. Paper and plastic used in the salon are also recycled with diligence.

    Plastic packaging is sent to specialist local plastics recycler’s where it’s cleaned and made into outdoor furniture, landscape supplies and new product packaging. This method keeps it in circulation and out of our oceans. Imagination Hair is your sustainable hair salon in Sydney, and we can proudly present it to all of its residents. 

    By collecting small amounts from an extensive salon network, our sustainable hairdressing salon is among the first businesses that started recycling excess chemicals in the salon industry. So when you choose your hair salon, choose wisely and go for the one that cares about the planet and your hair equally. That’s Imagination Hair.

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